Ancestral House Mezcal is a social and sustainable proposal that rescues the tradition and knowledge of the world mezcaleros teachers sharing their magic drink par excellence mezcal.

We strive to take care Agaves species in danger of extinction; because due to their over-exploitation, by not doing something today, we run the risk of losing some of them by not  encouraging companies like ours, with a sustainable vision. Therefore, we foster an inclusive long term vision, considering the longevity of each species at risk, thus propagating & promoting biodiversity while supporting our most neglected communities, creating jobs and strengthening our cultural heritage mezcal.

With a global vision, we offer painstakingly crafted quality products, safety and market prices, therefore we focus on an opening of cultural identity, with a trade not only regional and national but also international operation. So we stand on two pillars, one to care for our ancestral traditions of mezcal and on the other to establish a proactive approach to encourage “Ruta del Mezcal” as cultural and business space.

In this aspect, we offer our facilities and spaces, designed to bring visitors to the ancient culture of our peoples where mezcal is a central element.

Mezcal Ancestral House offers homemade products for younger generations, with Premium and Ultra Premium quality.

Our active participation in this movement is important, the new culture of artisanal mezcal, which begins with a traditional prehispanic consumption linked to customs and the mystique of ancient peoples, appreciated by rulers, priests, warriors, among other sacred figures, well, it was a “food of the gods” shared in the great events of his time.

Currently young and old adults, men and women enjoy the mezcal, its aromas, flavors and taking it moderately and with appreciation.