About us

Mezcal House Ancestral, is a company that carefully offers products of genuine quality of our people, “San Pablo Huixtepec” inspired by our Zapotec ancestors of the central valleys, which have been passed from one generation to another tradition, to reach domestic consumers and foreigners with our ancient beverage; Agaves product grown in a natural environment and offer Mezcales carefully, expressing the aromas and authentic flavors of the plant.

Accumulating the sacred sugar for years in his heart, facing droughts, storms and adversities; where land and their particular environment (terroir), offer you fully and honestly, remembering enjoyment floral tones, citrus fruit, delicate, accompanied by an elegant smoked expression; thanks to the craftsmanship of our Master Mezcalero Don Fortino Ramos Florean.

Mezcal Ancestral House promotes fair trade; where all those involved in the production chain to benefit from their work and have a better life; We are a bridge to discover new tastes in the world and conquer with our traditions and customs products to the most demanding consumers.

Our Mezcal expressed in its essence, the fundamental elements of life … water, wind, earth and fire, which transmit their vital energy of our father, the sun, stored in the plant throughout its life; and it is also the result of our effort, energy, tradition and care, the  Agave gives its life in the preparation of this wonderful product, which gives an energetic and aphrodisiac character; that magically connects us with our ancestors and their deities.