A Medios Chiles – Arroqueño (Exportación)


A medios Chiles, Mezcal Arroqueño (Oaxaquencis Gentry, fifteen year generic longevity)

A surprising Mezcal Master Don Fortino Ramos, invites you to discover its baking in stone ovens, fermented in wooden vats of sabino and triple distillation in copper stills.

Tasting Notes

The nose gives sweet aromas of caramel, honey, vegetal cucumber, with a touch of oregano, orange, lime and light expression of spices like cloves. Elegant smoky notes and light mineral character.

To the mouth it presents a honest presence, reminiscent of vegetal aromas like cucumber, oregano, orange, lime and spices. The attack is noble, mineral and medium smokiness. With sweet and pleasing ending in the mouth, with a well-rounded feel on the palate, worthy of discerning drinkers.